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Daily herald sint maarten the wallet brothers
Daily herald sint maarten the wallet brothers

The Wallet Brothers DJs, Producers & Event Promoters

Guillaume and Florian (also known as e Wallet Brothers) are increasingly present in the nightlife scene on Sint Maarten. e two brothers grew up in La Ciotat, a town on France’s Mediter- ranean coast. Sons to adventurous par- ents who owned a diving company; they grew to love the water and travelling. In 2008, the whole family moved their company to Bora Bora, for a change of scenery. It was there that Guillaume and Florian pursued their goal of be- coming DJs, producers and eventually fully equipped event promoters.

Guillaume: “I have always loved elec- tronic music, but was especially inspired when I watched my friend Trent Nox DJ at a huge pool party at the Sofitel Hotel in Bora Bora. Besides it being a gorgeous venue, I was blown away by his ability to move the crowd and create a specific mood using the set he was playing.” Af- ter that night, Guillaume asked Trent to teach him how to play; he also bought his first turntables.

As Guillaume worked on his skills and sets, his older brother Florian saw an op- portunity and took on a production role. As a duo, e Wallet Brothers started to organise a string of successful events. Soon Florian was also drawn to DJing. “I was a bit jealous of my brother because he was having a blast DJing while I had to take care of all of the problems that surfaced during an event. I decided to improve my own DJing skills so we could share the joy together,” Florian explained with a grin on his face. Today the brothers are a perfectly balanced event-promotion and DJing team who work under their own label dubbed “Wave In Records.”

In October 2016, the brothers were ready for a new adventure and decided to head to Sint Maarten. Guillaume: “We had heard a few good things about the nightlife on the island. We also liked the fact that Sint Maarten was an easy flight away from France and other countries, unlike Bora Bora, but that it still had the tropical island vibe.”

ey moved to Sint Maarten, and two months later in December, the brothers played their first gig. Slowly their names started appearing on event flyers all over the island. After successful appearances on stage at SXM Music Fest and Ministry of Sound, the duo had built up enough credit to host their first event at Dirty Sanchez.

Florian: “It always takes some time to gain the trust of people once you move to a new place, as they don’t know your face or your music. It was a great feeling to see more than 200 people come to our first event in Dirty Sanchez in May. Although we always enjoy DJing at any event, we love being able to take over a venue and create our own at- mosphere through the decoration, lights, bar, sound system and music. is way, we can present the ‘event’s story’ we would like to share in an optimal way.”

e brothers play a variety of electronic music; often starting with more commer- cial techno, and then travel past different styles such as tech house, minimal, deep house and slowly into more underground tracks that you might never have heard of before. is “musical journey” is important to both brothers, which is why they both prefer a small crowd that is in tune with the spirit of their parties, as opposed to a large crowd that is only there for the drinks and does not appreciate their sound.

Guillaume: “ e types of people that love our parties are very open-minded. ey come to be transported by the beats we present to them, even if they have never heard them before. is also means that the vibe of the party is very friendly; you can eas- ily meet new people, talk to the DJs and it doesn’t mat- ter what you wear or how you dance. It

is all about feeling free and having a good time to- gether!”

Surf to or check them out on Facebook or SoundCloud for more information on their events and DJ gigs.

Source: Daily Herald Sint Maarten (2017)

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