Ministry of Sound – The Annual 2017

The Wallet brothers at the Ministry of Sound annual 2017 Sint Maarten. Electronic music event
The Wallet brothers at the Ministry of Sound annual 2017 Sint Maarten
Ministry Of Sound - The annual 2017 at The Refuge SXM
Ministry Of Sound – The annual 2017 at The Refuge SXM

THIS SATURDAY! April 1st Ministry Of Sound is back in SXM! Mark your calendars for an epic night at The Refuge in SXM! Performances by The Wallet Brothers – WAKE UP (Dj Pat & Master Gee) – Ajay Raw – Jayson Miro – Obediah – Morgan Dora!

Ministry of sound:

Ministry of sound
Ministry of sound

Opening on 21st September 1991 and inspired by New York’s Paradise Garage, Ministry of Sound was the UK’s first nightclub dedicated to house music. The site was a derelict bus garage in a part of South London considered more infamous than famous.

On the opening night there was no alcohol, three flashing lights, moody security and unless you knew the names of at least a half-dozen Chicago DJs, you were unlikely to get past the legendary ‘pickers’. These strict club custodians were responsible for ensuring only the best mix of party people would pass the prison-like gates.

Despite the lack of booze and the fearsome location, people arrived in droves. Within a matter of weeks, word had spread that something special had landed smack in the middle of SE1 and London’s nightlife would never be the same again.

This was the country’s first club dedicated to house music, the first club inspired by rave’s Second Summer of Love and, most importantly, the first club built from the ground up to be dedicated to sound.

To this day excellence in sound is what we stand for. As we spread the dance music gospel around the world, you can experience the essence of what we do, but there’s nothing quite like standing in the middle of The Box, our club’s main room.

Towering speaker stacks, several mega-zillion watts of bass and triple thick sound absorbing walls ensure an unparalleled listening experience. In the 25 years since the importance of super hi-fi sound has not diminished and we’ve stayed committed to creating the moments you live for.

For a quarter of a Century we’ve been throwing the biggest and best parties in the country. At Ministry of Sound there has only ever been one rule: the music comes first.

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