The Wallet brothers b2b Morgan Dora

Morgan Dora ibiza
Morgan Dora
The Wallet brothers b2b Morgan Dora
The Wallet brothers b2b Morgan Dora

Line up: The Wallet Brothers B2B Morgan Dora
Venue: Dirty Sanchez Tequila Bar (Sint Maarten SXM)

Arkitek – party OFF

// Free entrance – 10PM/03AM

Morgan Dora:

Morgan Dora DJ & Music producer (born 23 october 1985),he is mixing all over europe and for last 3 years he is resident dj in Ibiza.

His style is ,,eclectic«  mixing between House,Tech House and electronic music,
which is leading you to varied choices of music without exclusions.
He appeared on the stage alongside big names of Dj s and artists from all over Europe.

On His performance is using 3 discs for mixing plus He also use Kontrol F1
for making his unique
remix sets.All this makes him completely original !
He is also programmer and organiser of numerous events of this kind.This year he`s launching his own name of brand event Ibiza !!!Discover every week new Free mix download available on Djpod and iTunes!

Arkitek ( Fierce Animals Records / Audio Monster Records / Taurine Records / Stage Records )

Arkitek was born in Nice, France. His childhood was rocked by the sounds of Jean Michel Jarre and Kraftwerk, which naturally lead him to djing when he was 18.
He has been playing since 2002 in the main clubs in South of France; sometimes with other international artists.
His musical references are well known and he brings to his shows a dynamic and underground sound which is perfect for the dancefloor.
From the beginning, he´s been producing on machines and computers, but since 2015 he took the step to distribute his music. Renowned record labels quickly trusted him, thanks to what he was able to place himself in “The Charts” (French top 100).
His productions alternate between techno and minimal sounds tinged with melodies that come straight out of its analog synths. But he sometimes gets to produce a softer music with more electro sounds.
No doubt he’s a promising artist to follow!
Arkitek est né en France à Nice , son enfance est bercée par les sons de Jean Michel Jarre et Kraftwerk , c’est à ses 18 ans qu’il se dirige donc naturellement vers le djing.
Il a pu depuis 2002 jouer dans les principaux club et soirée du Sud de la France et avec des artistes internationaux.
Ses références musicales sont de taille , il apporte à ses sets un côté underground et dynamique taillé pour le Dancefloor.
En parallèle il produit depuis ses débuts sur machines et logiciels , mais c’est depuis 2015 qu’il a franchi le pas de distribuer sa musique , des labels de renom lui ont rapidement fait confiance ( San Fransico , Barcelone , Autriche , France … ) , grâce auxquels il a pu se placer dans les Charts , ses productions alternent entre la techno et la minimale teintées de sons et mélodies tout droit sorties de ses synthés analogiques , mais il se laisse parfois aller a produire une musique plus souple aux sonorités electros.
Un artiste prometteur à suivre !

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